Llandudno parent information

Thank you to those parents who attended the Llandudno presentation. For those unable to attend, the powerpoint is attached. It was reassuring that so few of you had questions, but should anything arise prior to the trip(s), please do come and have a word with myself or Mr Hughes whenever you can. 

Attached are the forms we need you to complete by Monday 12th June. 

I also mentioned that if there was anything you felt would be useful for us to know about your child (sleep habits, for example), please either have a chat or send us a little note. We want this to be a wonderful experience for all, and will do what we can to make that so! 


Mrs Smith and Mr Hughes




As is the case at school, we are able to give your child any prescribed medications they need during the trip. A medications form needs to be completed, and the medication should be supplied, along with all packaging and advisory leaflets, in a small plastic sealable bag. 

For non-prescribed medications, we are able to give these to your child also. Again, a medicines form needs to be completed and the medication, packaging and advisory leaflets supplied. In addition, please note that we can only dispense medications in line with the advised dosage - we cannot exceed this. Please ensure that you complete the form with the dosage we are permitted to give to your child. 

If your child requires travel sickness medication, please give your child the required dose on the morning of departure, completing a form and providing the medication for the return journey only. (Your child may also require medication for our bus tour, which takes approximately 60 minutes and is on the morning of our return day. Please bear this in mind.)


As mentioned in the powerpoint, our kit requirement is minimal. In addition, children should not bring games, toys or technological items. A camera, a book and a small soft toy can be brought along. All other activities and resources will be provided by ourselves - we have plenty of fun things planned! 


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