Home Learning


What we are providing for home learning

If school is forced to close in the coming weeks/days, below is a list of what school recommends your child complete whilst in isolation. The school will provide resources and work on the school website on the new ‘Homework’ page – there is no need to use your login. For each year group there is a daily page; these will be refreshed every week e.g. Year 5 – Monday will be refreshed each Monday during term time only.

For maths, there will be 3 challenges (Green, Yellow and Red) that mirror the process in a typical maths lesson in school. Green will be the ‘easier’ challenge and the red will be the most challenging. It is your/your child’s choice to which colour they select. There will be a standard challenge for each element of English work. Children will be provided with an exercise book and 3 pencils each to use while off from school. In KS2 for spelling groups, see the KS2 spelling page and then choose your spelling teacher.

Daily work provided on the school website:

  • 30 minute maths activity
  • 30 minute writing activity
  • 30 minute reading comprehension activity
  • 30 minute spelling/phonics activity
  • 30 minute grammar activity
  • 30 minute reading with an adult/independent reading (Not provided on the school website)
  • 30 minute active break

Here is a link to the Accelerated Reader so your child can complete quizzes once they have finished a book at home: 


Here is a link to a website for games, activities and articles to help; 


For help understanding mathematical concepts;



Here are some links  you can access for your children to ensure they stay emotionally healthy during this extended period away from school