Hi everyone,

We hope yesterday went well.  


Below is the suggested timetable for today:

9:00am - Spellings

9:30am - Zoom (Registration and Maths input)

9:45am - Complete your maths work

10:30am - Break Time

10:45am - Zoom (Writing)

11:00am - Complete your writing work

11:30am - Reading

12:15pm - Lunch Time

1:00pm - Zoom (Input for afternoon session)

1:15pm - Complete your afternoon work and any additional topic work you may have

3:00pm - Zoom (final catch up of the day)


Please note that for our writing today, we are leaving Macbeth behind!  We'll continue with reading the book once you are all back in school on Monday.  Today is all about our Topic; Crime and Punishment!!!

Please also find today's work attached below.  Remember to send over any work you want to be marked to our class e-mail.  Also let us know if you have any questions about the work.

Mr Gill and Mrs Pammenter

Files to Download