Year 6 SATS revision

You've been working so hard at school that we don't want you to lose your momentum over the Easter break. This page is full of SATs revision options for you. You may have already seen many of these papers but the 'Exam Ninja' ones are new. Take advantage of the websites and games. If there is an area you know you need to practise then do!


There is no expectation for you to submit anything when you return after Easter. Do as much or as little as you like. However, we advise that you keep up the momentum by doing revision little and often. Don't do nothing for 2 weeks! You will not thank yourself when you get back to school. 

Mr Hayes, Mrs Henderson & Miss Baldock

p.s Our final set of practice papers will be in Week 2. 

Also these are some great websites for revision

English Revision

Maths Revision  (good for revising formal methods of calculation, including fractions)   (create your own worksheets for any topic)

Files to Download