Supporting Home Learning

While the school are delivering an extensive package of remote learning for those children at home during school closures, the key message from us is simply to do the best you can. We are all experiencing differing demands from work, family and home schooling and have varying capacities to manage. It is most important that we stay as happy and healthy - both mentally and physically - as we can during these challenging times. 

As such, you should make decisions regarding home learning which best suit your family's circumstances. 

We would also encourage parents to apply the 'best you can do' mindset with their children - not all children can, will or should complete all of the work provided. Teachers often over-prepare work so that children are not held back if they are excelling, or working particularly quickly. It is more beneficial for learners to do less, better. 

Home Learning

The Department for Education have published parent guidance on ways to support children who are learning from home during school closures. 

Government guidance on keeping children safe online can be found here

Coping with screen time

This BBC article was written in anticipation of schools' return from online learning last September, but holds useful tips around managing screen time.


This BBC bitesize article shares some strategies for encouraging and supporting children's reading at home. 

The attached file from the Children's Literacy Charity outlines key phonics information to help you support your child's early reading. 

Accelerated Reader is used by our older pupils to select books with an appropriate level of challenge. If you are reading/purchasing books at home, the AR level of these can be checked at This website can also be used to find suggested new books to explore. 


Jigsaw is the programme we use in school to teach the Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE). They have provided two jigsaw sessions for parents to complete with their children at home. Use the link to access audio books and activities. This includes two audio files for stories your child may enjoy.


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